Internet Trade Login - Risk discloure statement

I understand that the security price fluctuations in flux change in any individual securities at any time, there is the possibility of going further down, if the situation even worse, its value is more likely to become worthless. The sale of securities, must also have a small surplus over the risk of loss exists.

If I found that using stolen password, your company will be notified as soon as possible and is willing to bear all the risks associated with this result, if you asked me the consequences associated with these losses, costs, damages, expenses or claims made by Indemnity, I would be had to complete.

I agree that at all times before entering the OS read the guidelines, these are my promises to my registration information is true and accurate, I am also willing to bear the responsibility for your request, including the possibility of a result of reliance on the information on this site for any loss incurred, costs, compensation , expenses or claims.

Note: The above English translation for information purposes only, as there is any difference with the original English, covers the English version shall prevail.

I have read over the above and understand this risk disclosure statement of all, I declare I am willing to bear all the risks mentioned above.

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