China Rise Securities Asset Management

Company Introduction

China Rise Securities Asset Management Co. Ltd.(CE NO. ASZ577) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong main board listed company Symphony Holdings (HKEX:1223). We focus on providing securities trading, asset management and related services.

We are licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to carry out Regulated Activity Type 1 (Securities Dealing), Type 4(Investment Advisory) and Type 9 (Asset Management).

Our management personnel are highly experienced and specialized in their specific fields. We are able to provide a wide variety of professional services, analysis and advice to our clients. The services include securities trading, margin financing, placing, underwriting, project investment, corporate consultancy, investment consultancy and asset/portfolio management.

CRSAM management team has well over 15 years of investment management, aided by in-depth market analysis, we often thrive in performance. Apart from providing cost-efficient investment service, we also utilize different risk management models and leverage on our industry experience to manage the investment risk while achieving target return.

When designing investment proposals to meet the client’s specific risk tolerance, we often utilize fundamental analysis with Top-Down approach, as well as technical analysis as a supplement tool.

Our Mission

We shall fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility at our best possible effort, we strive to provide quality financial services, and we also aim to maximize the benefit of clients, staffs, shareholders and the community in general. We aim to conduct our business in a diligent, fair and creative manner.

Looking into the Future

CRSAM has always been based in Hong Kong. With recent rapid growth and fast pace development of the financial industry in China, we shall also expand our reach in the Greater China region. We believe we can share the fruit of success with our clients through our quality, efficient and customised service.